Registration of Bachat Gat (SHG)

Mere forming a Bachat Gat (SHG) is not a big achievement. Sustaining it and using it as a tool for self and group development is essential. Most of the Self Help Group have failed because they lacked proper guidance and proper vision and a sense of direction. It is very difficult for members of newly formed or even existing bachat gats to find what exactly is amiss in their group. It requires expert intervention. Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai, enrolls new and existing Self Help Groups (Bachat Gats) under its SHG Enrollment Programme. The objective of this programme is to lend a helping hand to new as well as existing Self Help Groups to prosper. We act as Motivator, Guide and Mentor to the groups enrolled with us.
Why you should register your Bachat Gat with  :
– You are planning to form a New Bachat Gat
– You have an existing group and plan to start your business activity from it.
Membership Benefits :
Registration with Swayamsiddha Foundation gives you following unique advantages :
1) Security of coverage under an NGO
2) Consultancy, Guidance and Follow up on Phone / Email)
3) Information disseminated through Monthly / Quarterly Newsletter
4) Online Guidance & Motivation for Group & Personal Development)
5) Guidance & Assistance for Marketing of Products manufactured by Bachat Gats.
6) Assistance for Resolution of Intra Group Issues.
7) A Friend, Philosopher & a Guide.
8) Information on various self-employment opportunities.
9) Participation in Swayamsiddha’s Events at various venues in Seminars, Training Programmes etc at concessional rates.
10) Constant and regular interaction with SHG.
11) Assistance in devising timebound action plan for strengthening of SHG and converting them into a business entity.
12) Assistance in business know how.
13) Consultancy provided in the selection of product,
14) Training
15) Support services for establishing a business.
Fees : 
Rs.150/- pof SHG er member per year.
Applicable for : 
Bachat Gats (Male & Female) all over Maharashtra.
Swayamsiddha Foundation plays an Advisory Role and does not interfere in the direct management of SHG. It does not interfere in the finances of the SHG. It chalks out Roadmap for the SHG to follows and tracks the progress and suggests corrective measures. Normal Membership is open throughout Maharashtra.
No hidden costs charged apart from the fees mentioned. Groups interested to register with Swayamsiddha Foundation may contact the address below or call on the numbers provided or fill up the SHG registration form available here.
Please note that Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai reserves the right to reject any application for registration of Bachat Gat without assigning any notice thereof.
  • Unanimous Resolution from SHG to join Swayamsiddha.
  • Aadhaar Card / Identity Proof of all Members
  • Photographs of all members


  • Registration Certificate in the format of Swayamsiddha.
  • Bachat Gat Registration Number
  • Model Formats for managing Bachat Gat
  • Monthly e-newsletter / newsletter.
  • Guidance over Phone
  • Consultancy