Madhura Milind Sawant

When your passion becomes your trade, you enjoy every bit of the journey. Something similar happened to me. Cooking was always my forte. Right from my childhood days, I was known for my culinary skills. The economic condition of my family, back then before my marriage and after, was not so stable. Which did not deter me, in fact, it provided me impetus and motivation to do what I can do the best, i.e. cooking

I was introduced to Swayamsiddha Foundation by Mrs.Namrata Gawade and with their support, I was able to pursue my dreams at a rapid pace. I started tiffin service from my house, today, I am able to realize my dream to start my own kitchen service (Poli Bhaji Kendra). I was provided consultancy and guidance by Mrs.Namrata Gawade and the team of Swayamsiddha Foundation.

Now, apart from regular tiffin items, I have started making traditional Maharashtrian sweets like Puran Poli, Modak etc. To supplement my business, I have started supplying dry fruits to local traders.

I thank one and all who assisted me in my journey till now.

Darshika Patkar

I take this opportunity to introduce myself and my journey as a successful women entrepreneur. The struggles that I faced in my life only made me more bold and resolute. I grew in a traditional lower-middle-class family in chawl environment. I had seen how women folks, during my childhood, used their stitching skills to sustain their livelihood.  Looking at them stitch clothes, blouses etc I too picked up the art and soon tailoring became my passion.  Without any formal education in stitching or tailoring, I learned the nitty-gritty of this art by sheer practice. However, in the early phase of my life, due to my education and later on due to familial responsibilities which came after my marriage, I could not give enough justice to my art.

The going was good, however, suddenly out of a blue something unexpected happened in our married life. My husband suffered kidney failure, his both kidneys became dysfunctional, which meant that he could no more work. A sole breadwinner that he was, our family income came to halt. Every hope suddenly came crashing down.  I had to do something, to sustain myself, look after my husband’s illness and my kids.  The art that I had learned in my childhood days came to my rescue. Without any formal education in tailoring or dress designing, on my gut feeling, i began the tailoring work. slowly my work was appreciated by locals, I started getting stitching orders from my building my neighborhood. 

My childhood friend Mrs.Namrata Gawade, who happens to be the Coordinator with Swayamsiddha Foundation, helped me in my journey. She introduced me to the organization and with the help of Namrata Madam and Swayamsiddha, I got the lost confidence. Today, I not only run my own tailoring shop but, train other women, the art that I learned. I am able to look after my ailing husband’s medical needs and educate my kids.

I would like to thank Namrata Gawade Madam and Swayamsiddha Foundation for supporting me.

Chailtali Shivalkar

chitra shivalkar
perfumes making shg

I was a typical housewife, without even less than little information about outside world as I was secured within the environs of my house. But, suddenly my world came crashing. My husband left us for heavenly journey. It was the most shocking event of my life. I was totally clueless how to support my kids who were now totally dependent on me. I was oblivious of the outside world on the other hand.

I will remain ever obliged to the owner of our building Sudam Bhoir (Sudam Kaka) who lended helping hand. The other person who guided me and is still my guide was Mrs.Namrata Gawade. She introduced me to the Bachat Gat (Self Help Group) and I became member of one. Later, as per the advise of Namrata, who happens to be my best friend, i joined Swayamsiddha Foundation. Namrata happened to be the coordinator of the organisation. From Swayamsiddha Foundation, i learnt incense stick making and perfume making. They taught manufacturing process and marketing skills. I shall remain ever obliged to their team for the efforts. 

Today, I manufacture incense sticks and perfumes and vend it in my area and make a living. Through this business, today, I run my household, look after the education of my kids and feel more confident than ever.

Ashwini Patil

Ashwini Patil

I was a simple housewife till recently, now I feel proud to introduce myself as a selfmade entrepreneur. The journey was hard but fulfilling. I could The transformation in me was only because of strong willpower and never say die spirit. I was a graduate and a working women. I had to face all the problems that a normal married working Indian women faces. Look after children, a fairly big family of seven individuals and work responsibilities.  The responsibility of family meant that I could not give justice to my work and had to say quits to my office.

However, the burning desire to be independent was always alive and I decided to opt for self employment avenues. However, the question of selecting self employment activity was pertinent. 

Being a housewife, cooking was my favorite pasttime activity. So I decided to test my culinary skills to zest.  I learnt to make cakes and pastries by watching videos from youtube. Soon, I realized that I was indeed good in cake making. I sold the birthday cakes and began my journey as an entrepreneur.

In my journey, I got inspiration from Mrs.Chaitali Shivalkar, a strong lady who bore the responsibility of her family after the sudden demise of her husband. This kept me going.  I met many such inspirations in my journey, which ensured that my motivation level never dropped. One such lady who acted as my mentor, my guide and my friend was Mrs.Namrata Gawade, who works in financial sector and is a coordinator of Swayamsiddha Foundation. Mrs. Gawade guided me on various aspects of entrepreneurship from time to time. She taugh me and other ladies the nitty gritties of investing in stocks and today we are gaining from the training in stock trading.

My dream is to start a training center where I will teach dynamic girls the art of cooking, bakery and sewing.


Vaishali Naik

Vaishali Naik

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Nature Of Business

Address Of Business
Chaar Choughi
Shop No 2, Ekveera Apartment, Uderai Road, Cross Ram Mandir, Near
Somwar Bazar Hanuman Mandir,
Malad West, Mumbai 64

Writeup About Your Journey as an Entrepreneur
Like every women even i like saree as my favourite dress code. And slowly my likes n my attraction towards sarees made me automatically turn to saree business.

Basically I am a fashion designer so was running tailoring classes too. But due to expansion in saree business now I am proud owner of Chaar Choughi, Ready-made n designer Nauvaries Dalan.

On 24th April 2017 Chaar Choughi, the readymade Nauvaries Dalan recognised and awarded by BMC Mayor Mr Mahadeshwer on the occasion of International Women’s day celebration.

Brief Description Of  Products & Services
1. Ready-made n designer Nauvaries (9 yard sarees)
2. Ready made Sowale
3. Ethnic, Shiv kalin, Traditional Jewellery.
4. We are a manufacturer of cloth bags which you can carry on Nauvaries and even on dresses which gives more attraction towards your dress up.

* Taking bulk orders in my all products.

Kalpana Ubale



I started my journey by making imitation jewelry. I take various hobby classes like imitation jewelry, paper flowers, paper bags, rukhwat items. I am trying to be more and more skillful in my field. I also take academic classes of 5th to 10 th std as marathi, hindi subject teacher from 10 years.
I am taking classes in imitation jewelry, paper craft, and Selling imitation jewelry
Sankalp Sidhhi 701/10
Sector7, Charkop,
Kandivali West, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra