Membership with Swayamsiddha

Swayamsiddha Foundation enrolls Individuals and Self Help Groups (SHGs)and renders handhold support activities through various activities.  

Who should enroll with Swayamsiddha.
– Women who wish to start her business activity.
– Self Help Groups (SHGs)

Following services are provided to our enrolled members :

Individual Member

Self Help Groups (SHGs)

  • Need-based Guidance, Counselling & Consultancy
  • Assistance in Project / Product Selection
  • Individual Consultancy
  • Enrollment under Coordinator of Swayamsiddha
  • Free Participation in Programme
  • Handholding Support Activities
  • Discount in Participation fee in high-value programmes
  • Available Business Opportunities communicated to enrolled members
  • Free Promotion of products/services of members
  • Follow Up of Progress
  • Free e-newsletter/ newsletter

    : Rs.500/- per year
  • Consultancy, Guidance and Follow up on Phone / Email)
  • Information disseminated through Monthly / Quarterly Newsletter
  • Online Guidance & Motivation for Group & Personal Development)
  • Guidance & Assistance for Marketing of Products manufactured by Bachat Gats.
  • Assistance for Resolution of Intra Group Issues.
  • Information on various self-employment opportunities.
  • Participation in Swayamsiddha’s Events at various venues in Seminars, Training Programmes etc at concessional rates.
  • Assistance in devising timebound action plan for strengthening of SHG and converting them into a business entity.
  • Assistance in business know how.
  • Consultancy provided in the selection of product,
  • Support services for establishing a business.

    FEE : Rs.150/- per member per year