Home Chefs Required – new

Are you in Food Business ? Are you dealing in Homemade Food Items ?? Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai, has created a marketing platform for Women Entrepreneurs dealing in homemade food products. The Initiative is called “The Food Station”. You can sell your food products through our portal. Requirement :a) Only for Women Entrepreneursb) Must have valid […]

Enrollment started for Courses

Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai, specializes in organizing tailor-made training programmes for women. If you are a new women entrepreneur, planning to start your own business or an existing women entrepreneur, you can join our short-term Online / Offline Training Programmes. Please submit the form below, we will contact you when the course is scheduled. Join our […]

Scheme of National Awards

Eligibility & Qualifying Conditions The eligible M SMEs will submit online applicationsin the relevant categoryof awards. An enterprisecan apply for more than one categoryof award. The Awardee shall not be nominated or considered for the same or lower categoryof award in the subsequent 4 year (s). However, there will be no bar for an awardee […]

Empowering Progress: Women Shaping the Future of Business

In today’s dynamic world, women are not merely contributors but key architects of stability and prosperity within their families. While their multifaceted skills shine in various tasks, the realm of entrepreneurship has historically been dominated by men, limiting the opportunities for women to showcase their talents. Nishtha Yogesh, the visionary Founder and CEO of Hunar […]

Entrepreneurship Workshop 2024

कार्यशाळेचे उद्दीष्ट :संभाव्य आणि विद्यमान उद्योजकांसाठी उद्योजकतेचा प्रसार करणे. कार्यशाळा कोणासाठी :संभाव्य उद्योजक – जो नवीन व्यवसाय सुरू करण्याचा विचार करीत आहे.विद्यमान उद्योजक – ज्यांना आपला व्यवसाय पद्धतशीरपणे वाढवायचा करायचा आहे.तारीख : 06 व 07 जाने., 2024 (दोन दिवसीय कार्यशाळा)वेळ : 02.30 दुपारी 05.30 वाजतामोड : ऑनलाइनभाषा : मराठी कार्यशाळेतील विषय :उद्योजक प्रेरणा, नवीन व्यवसाय स्थापित करण्यासाठीच्या पायऱ्या, do’s & dont’s, आपले उत्पादन / […]

Bachat Gat – Sakhi Samvaad

बचत गटात आहात ? बचत गट शिथिल झालाय ? अपेक्षित यश मिळत नाही ? सतत कुरबुरी असतात ? गटाच्या माध्यमातून व्यवसाय करायचा आहे ? गट यशस्वी करायचा आहे ? वरील प्रश्नांची उत्तरे मिळावाबचत गट – सखी संवाद कार्यक्रमदिनांक : २५ नोव्हेंबर, २०२३ दुपारी : ०२.०० ते ०५.००ठिकाण : ठाणे विषय : बचत गट कसा बनवावा, […]

Ready to Cook Paratha Premix

Love Parathas? Do not miss our ready to cook Paratha premix course. Idea for Foodies, Housewives and those interested in Food Business. Date : 10-11 Aug.,2023Mode : OnlineLanguage : MarathiFee : Rs.599/- all inclusive.(Course Fee includes : Theory, Demonstration, e-notes, e-certificates, business inputs, costing and other support services of Swayamsiddha Foundation)For further details : 9029051434 / […]

Entrepreneurship Motivation Camp for Students

An Entrepreneurial Motivation Camp was organized by Laxmichand Golwala College, Ghatkopar in association with Swayamsiddha Foundation on 17th July, 2023 on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day by Laxmichand Golwala College, Ghatkopar with the aim of inculcating the roots of entrepreneurship in students.In this program Mrs. Meghana Gawade and Mr. Dattaram Walvankar, Directors of […]