Membership Programme

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About Membership Programme

Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai is a registered Non Governmental Organization working for Women Empowerment since 2006. It is registered under Indian Public Trust Act. 

Any Women can join Swayamsiddha Foundation as its Member by paying One Time Membership Fee is Rs.100/-

Category of Membership
1) Prospective Entrepreneur
2) Existing Entrepreneur
3) Member of Self Help Group (SHG)

Membership Benefits

Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai organizes various programmes (Online and Offline) and business related activities for Women Entrepreneurs. By Enrolling as its Member, you can participate in those activities.

Following type of activities are conducted for Members of Swayamsiddha Foundation.

1) Various Motivational Programmes for new Entrepreneurs
2) Training Programmes on Skill Development
3) Soft Skill Development Programmes
4) Counselling and Consultancy Programmes
5) Members Networking Meetings
6) Marketing Services
7) Documentation Services
8) Cultural Activities under Umang Platform
9) Participation in various Competitions
10) Award and Recognition
11) Priority in Seat Confirmation in Events
12) Access to Member’s Only content on Website of Swayamsiddha
13) Free Access to Informative Webinars
14) Marketing Platforms on Social Media

After Registration you will be provided link to join in our Whatsapp Groups for easier dissemination of information and to connect with other members. You will be provided timely updates of forthcoming events and programmes.