Motivation Campaign

Motivation Campaign

Any person who plans to venture into business or self-employment activity requires motivation. The case is more pertinent to women who wish to start their small business.  It has been found that women do not venture into business because of following major factors:

  • Lack of Motivation
  • Fear factor (fear of loss in business)
  • Lack of direction
  • Insufficient knowledge

The following information is provided in such campaigns:

  • Why the need for self-employment.
  • Various aspects of Self Employment.
  • Step by Step approach in business
  • Various Government Schemes for new entrepreneurs
  • Various Finance Schemes
  • Motivational & Success Stories
  • Detailed Question & Answer session 

It has been noted that post these sessions the vision of the participants gets cleared and their motivation level goes up considerably. Many women have started their business ventures post these campaigns.

At Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai we conduct Motivation Campaigns on Self Employment specially designed for new entrepreneurs. 

These programmes are organised for Members of Swayamsiddha Foundation. To know more about our registration programme click here.

These programmes are either organized by Swayamsiddha Foundation directly or are organized for other organizations for their groups at their venue with nominal fees.

To organize such programmes in your area for your organization please fill the form on the right side. Our representatives will contact for further providing further details and working out a programme.

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