Darpana Bhatte

darpana bhatte

The story of August 2020’s Women Entrepreneur of the month is an inspiring story of a women with never die spirit. The story reflects how patience and grit helps you achieve your desired goals.

Meet Darpana Bhatte of Virar. After her marriage she decided to take upon herself the responsibility of assisting her family financially. She started small businesses like making soft toys, artifical jewellery making etc.

Soon she realized her USP. She was a good cook, learning the traits from her mother right in her childhood days. She tried her hand in cooking. And she found her business goal. She excelled in it, and it was business cum pleasure for her as cooking was her passion.

Darpana madam, as we all fondly call her, started making Masala and Diwali sweets. Initially her relatives and friends supported her in her business by ordering items from her. Soon the lingering taste of her products spread all over.

Today, her customers have to pre-order products to get the orders realized. Her products have crossed our country’s borders and have reached foreign lands too. Even during this pandemic times due to COVID-19 situation, her loyal customers ensured steady supply of masalas and other items from her.

Mrs.Darpana Bhatte is our Women Entrepreneur for August, 2020. We wish her all the very best for her future endavors.

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