Shalan Sapre Joshi

The first thing a person finds in Mrs.Shalan Sapre Joshi is that she is polite and soft spoken. People, at times, misunderstand her soft spokenness as her weakness, but, beneath, she is a determined women. She is sincere, hard-working and remains focussed.

Starting from humble beginnings, Mrs.Sapre found her entrepreneurial destination in manufacturing sector. She started manufacturing of garments, initially on a small scale. Later, as she started getting good response from her clientele, she expanded her business. Today, Mrs.Joshi is not only self-sufficient, but, she provides invaluable employment opportunities to other women in the locality. She offloads her work to other women and contributes her bit in empowerment activity.

Mrs.Shalan Sapre is based in Boisar, Palghar District, but, her hard working nature and readiness to learn and adapt new skills makes her one of our regular attendees in all our Seminars and Workshops. Her hardwork and systematic approach has resulted in her organizing an Exhibition of Swayam Stores almost single handedly at Boisar.

We wish Mrs.Shalan Sapre a very good luck for her future endeavors.

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