Dr.Sonali Ashish Kalgude is a practicing doctor. She runs Skin Care Clinic by the name Kalon Skin Care at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She specializes in advanced Skin & Hair Care. Dr.Sonali has also set up branches of her clinic in Nashik, Thane etc.

What separates Dr.Sonali from others is that she is engaged in social work as well. She has conducted more than 50 free medical camps for women, she also provides free counselling for women on physical, emotional and mental issues. Dr.Sonali also assists women in providing employment opportunities and has places more than 50 women in gainful employment activities. She is keenly involved in development of Self Help Groups (SHGs) as a tool for women empowerment.

Dr. Sonali is winner of Doctor Kokan Gaurav Award..2019, Adarsh Social Work Special Award 2019 and Creative Women Award 2018.

Dr.Sonali Ashish Kalgude is our “Entrepreneur of the Month” for December 2019.

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