Udyog Sadhana Workshop, Dombivli

Udyog Sadhana Workshop Dombivli

Udyog Sadhana Workshop was organized at Dombivli on 30.12.2017. The objective of organizing the said workshop was to motivate women to opt for self-employment. Various avenues open for self-employment were discussed in the event. The event got a very good response in terms of participation. 130 participants participated in the said event.

The programme was organized with the support of Coordinators from Thane region. Core Team Members from Swayamsiddha Foundation also attended the event.

A presentation on Self Motivation Techniques was given by Mrs.Seema Wagh, Counsellor & Motivational Speaker. A detailed presentation on various avenues of self-employment was given by Mr.Vijay Joshi.

On demands received we are henceforth planning to organize such kind of events at various locations.

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