Workshop at Lower Parel

Swayamsiddha Foundation

Swayamsiddha Foundation organised a Motivation Campaign at Ashtavinayak CHS, Delai Road, Lower Parel East on 02nd January 2013 at 08.00 pm. Around 50 women participated in the programme. The participating Bachat Gats were as follows:

1) Kalyani Bachat Gat – 10 Members

2) Tejaswini Bachat Gat – 10 Members

3) Manini Bachat Gat – 10 Members

4) Mangalmurti Bachat Gat – 10 Members.

Members of Bachat Gat from Byculla and other areas also participated in the Campaign. Six Students from Welingkar’s Institute of Management lead by Gaurav Sava also participated in the event and interacted with the members of SHG and the Organisers and obtained first-hand information about the SHG Movement.

Shri Aparant Kamble, President of Buddhist Society of India, Shri Bhushan Paithankar, Shri Samir Manchekar, Shri Vijay Joshi, Shri Ashok Patil, Ms.Vinaya Sawant participated in the event. Shri Samir Manchekar gave a detailed presentation on the role and activities of Swayamsiddha Bachat Gat Foundation. Shri Vijay Joshi elaborated on the Bachat Gat Movement and how a Bachat Gat can be transformed into a self-sustaining business enterprise. Shri Aparant Kamble motivated the gathering, Shri Bhushan Paithankar summarised the proceedings and guided the participants on the future course of events. Shri Ashok Patil gave the vote of thanks.

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