Motivational Campaign at Malvani

swayamsiddha foundation

A Campaign was Organised for the members of Buddhist Conference at Malvani, Mumbai on 13.01.2013. Detailed information on the formation of Self Help Group and how to achieve self-employment from Bachat Gat was given. Shri Bhushan Paithankar, Shri Vijay Joshi and Shri Ashok Patil of Swayamsiddha Foundation were present during the event. Shri Vijay Joshi presented detailed presentation, while Shri Bhushan Paithankar presented the future roadmap of the Programme. Shri Aparant Kamble coordinated the event from Buddhist Conference.

Bachat Gats who were involved in Business had set up their stalls and displayed their products. Around 100 women participants along with the members of Buddhist Conference who came from different parts of Maharashtra were present for the programme and later on interacted with the members of Swayamsiddha Foundation.

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