Dr. Meena Unadkat

Introducing our Women Entrepreneur of the Month September 2022, Dr.Meena Unadkat. Story of Dr.Meena Unadkat is inspiring for those who limit themselves, and limit their dreams citing several reasons for their failures. Dr.Meena Unadkat a practicing Homoeopath did her formal medical education and always bore a dream of starting her own clinic, where she can […]

Vrushali Gadre

Introducing Vrushali Gadre, owner of M/s.Shreeji Oils a company manufacturing Oils. According to Vrushali the company is engaged in cold pressed oils which are traditionally made, natural & chemical free. Vrushuli has today, by her sheer efforts, hard work and persistence expanded her vistas and increased number of outlets. She has also diversified her product […]

Uma Desai

Introducing our Entrepreneur for the Month of Nov.,2021. A fighter by spirit coupled with positive approach makes you Uma Desai. A late entrant into Entrepreneurship, she spent major part of her life in government service. Venturing into entrepreneurship after spending your life in relatively comfortable government job is not an easy task. But, our Uma […]

Vaishali Naik

What do you get when your passion turns into your business activity? You ride on a delightful journey. Meet Vaishali Naik, a self-made entrepreneur who started her business activity in the manufacture and sale of traditional Maharashtrian nine-yard sarees. By doing so, she not only has contributed her bit in popularizing the fashion of traditional […]

Shalan Sapre Joshi

The first thing a person finds in Mrs.Shalan Sapre Joshi is that she is polite and soft spoken. People, at times, misunderstand her soft spokenness as her weakness, but, beneath, she is a determined women. She is sincere, hard-working and remains focussed. Starting from humble beginnings, Mrs.Sapre found her entrepreneurial destination in manufacturing sector. She […]