Kalpana Wagh

kalpana wagh

Making transition from a job to taking risk of starting your own venture is a difficult choice which very few dare to make. One such story is of our Kalpana Balasaheb Wagh. Meet an entrepreneur with indomitable spirits that keeps her going through thick and thin.

Kalpana Wagh started her career with a job in private sector where she worked for 13 long years. Finally, she decided to start her own venture by chasing her dreams.

She started her business in food sector where she specialized in baking, her cuisines soon found acceptance from her ever growing customers, later she diversified into various food items.

Today, Kalpana Wagh has a well established business which she runs from the comforts of her home while taking equal care of her family.

We congratulate and wish all the best to Kalpana Wagh for her future business endavors.

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