Herbal Wax Workshop

herbal wax workshop

🌿 Join Our Herbal Wax Powder Online Workshop! 🌿

Date: 01st July, 2024
Time: 07.00 pm to 08.30 pm
Mode: Online
Language: Marathi

Are you ready to learn the secrets to remove unwanted body hair without pain and use of harmful chemicals using using natural ingredients? Join our Exclusive Online Workshop where we’ll demonstrate how to manufacture Herbal Wax Powder , Lemon Wax Powder , Turmeric Wax Powder , Chocolate Wax Powder , Rose Wax Powder etc!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make and use herbal wax powder at home
  • Benefits of using natural ingredients for hair removal
  • Step-by-step demonstration of herbal wax products
  • Tips for achieving the best results
  • Business Guidance

Why Attend?

  • Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and painful procedures
  • Discover the benefits of natural hair removal methods
  • Get expert tips and tricks
  • Ideal if you want to start your Herbal Product Business

Limited Spots Available!
Seats are limited!! Register now to secure your spot.

📲 To Register: CLICK HERE
📲 For further details: 9029051434 | 8222828728

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your skincare routine with natural, effective solutions!

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