Cold Premix Making Workshop

Cold Premix Workshop

Now take the hospitality to the next level. Make a cool syrup for your guests and families, the milkshakes in just 5 minutes. Make your own premix and sell it as a brand.

Date –    29th April 2024
Time –    02 pm to 06 pm
Fees –   Rs.499/-
Mode-   Online
Language : Marathi

Theory / Demonstration of following products would be provided.

Course USP

  • Live Demonstration of Products
  • Live Q&A Session
  • Products notes in .pdf
  • Video of the Session will be made available
  • Costing, Raw Material Details, Suppliers details etc will be provided.
  • Members will be added to Business Support Group to provide further business related support
  • e-Certificate of participation will be provided.

For further details

  • Call us on 9029051434 | 8222828728
  • To enroll : CLICK HERE

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